Marea (Egipt), 2010

Marea (Egypt)

Dates of work: 12 July–12 August 2010

Director: Dr. Hanna Szymańska, archaeologist (Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology, Polish Academy of Sciences)
Deputy director: Krzysztof Babraj, archaeologist (Archaeological Museum in Kraków)
SCA representative: Mohammed Gamel Eldin Aly Mohammed
Archaeologists: Dr. Nina Willburger (Württembergischen Landesmuseum, Stuttgart), Anna Drzymuchowska (Archaeological Museum in Kraków)
Architect: Daria Tarara (freelance)
Restorers: Joanna Babraj, Tomasz Skrzypiec (both Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków)
Civil engineer: Dr. Janusz Kogut (structural mechanics expert, surveying supervisor)
Students of architecture: Marta Kulikowska, Andrzej Kutiak, Marcin Ostrowski, Katarzyna Rozmus (Kraków University of Technology)

The Christian basilica at Marea in northern Egypt continued to be excavated by a team from the Archaeological Museum in Kraków and the PCMA UW for the seventh season, the team’s eleventh at the site. The south transept of the basilica was explored, including a plundered tomb with multiple burials. More units (29–35) and a small cistern under four of these were investigated outside the building of the basilica, near the northwest entrance. An ox protome of marble was among the notable finds. Studies of the ceramics and glass vessels, for the most part from the 5th–7th century AD , both local and imported, are presented in some detail. Of interest is a Red Slip Ware A plate stamped with a cross on the floor. The appendix gives a detailed architectural inventory of three of the jetties in the lake side harbor.

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K. Babraj: