Hawarte (Syria), 2008

Hawarte (Syria)

Dates of work: 3 May–5 June 2008

Co-directors: Prof. Michał Gawlikowski (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Nadim al-Khoury (Afamia Museum, Apamea)
Deputy director: Dr. Krzysztof Jakubiak (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Archaeologist: Tomasz Kowal (Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Center, University of Warsaw)
Documentalists: Marta Momot (PCMA), Anna Południkiewicz (PCMA)
Student-trainee: Aleksandra Kubiak (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)

Work continued in the mithraeum under the church of Archbishop Photios, but investigations were also undertaken in an extension of the church, in view of its importance for the chronology of the mithraeum cave.

[Text: PAM]

M. Gawlikowski: mgawlikowski@uw.edu.pl