Fourth Cataract (Sudan), 2009

Fourth Cataract (Sudan)

Fourth Cataract (Hamdab Dam Resque Project)

Dates of work: 18 January–10 February 2009

Director: Dr. Marek Chłodnicki, archaeologist (Archaeological Museum in Poznań)
NCAM representative: Fathiya Abdelrahman
Archaeologists: Artur Buszek, Dr. Maciej Czech, Dr. Anna Longa, Ewa Kuciewicz, Michał Kurzyk, Dr. Anna Zając (Institute of Archaeology, Jagiellonian University), Assoc. Prof. Andrzej Rozwadowski (Institute of Eastern Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)
Anthropologist: Dr. Maurycy Stanaszek (State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw)
Zoologist: Dr. Jan Śmiałowski (Poznań University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology)
Photographer: Maciej Jawornicki (freelance)
Sculptor: Prof. Kazimierz Raba (Artistic University in Poznań)
Student: Łukasz Trusewicz (Artistic University in Poznań)

The main aim of research in 2009 was documentation of rock art discovered during previous seasons, as well as newly found this year. Research was concentrated on rock drawings near Keheili, Gamamiya and in the Gebel Gurgurib region. The survey in the desert along the wadis going from the south to the Nile in the area of Keheili and Gamamiya recorded 27 new sites, dated from the Middle Palaeolithic to modern times. The archaeological material is modest, but confirms penetration of the desert, especially in Neolithic times. A few sites were tested in the vicinity of El-Ar village. Site El-Ar P1 contained graves dated to Middle Kerma and Late Meroitic, El-Ar 37 was a separate grave of Kerma date and El-Ar 31 comprised four Post-Meroitic tumuli.

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M. Chłodnicki: