Eshmoun (Liban), 2008

Eshmoun Valley (Lebanon)

Dates of work: 30 July–10 September 2008

Directors: Dr. Krzysztof Jakubiak (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw), Michał Neska (PCMA)
Archaeologist: Olga Wasilewska (PhD candidate, Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)
Student-trainees: Izabela Sztuka, Małgorzata Wasilewska, Piotr Witkowski (Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw)

 The survey in the 2008 season took place in the lower part of the Auali (Eshmoun) Valley. There were 29 different possible archaeological sites discovered during our research, mostly the remains of settlements (15), quarries (12) and necropolises (9). A few ancient olive presses and wells were also recognized. Among the remains of settlements, sites no 83 and 91 are of particular interest. Some of the investigated quarries proved to be used as necropolises after abandonment. Rock-cut tombs and pit graves were distinguished, among other structures, on the cemeteries.

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K. Jakubiak: